November 4, 2007

Penguins and Sabres to go Retro for Winter Classic

If you're to believe the logo on the sweatshirt being advertsied currently on Great Skate, then you might want to pull out your "Jump to Conclusions Mat" and say that when the Penguins and Sabres face off on January 1, 2008 for the Ice Bowl, both teams will be sporting retro uniforms.

It's being rumored that Pittsburgh will don their baby blue home jersey's that they wore from their second year, 1968, to 1972.

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The Sabres are said to be putting on their classic white uniform, with the flying buffalo between two swords. They wore that logo from their beginning in 1970 to 1996 and used it was a third jersey last season, but in blue.

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The NHL, nor the Penguins or Sabres have made an official announcement about what either team will be wearing for the game, but it would be pretty cool if this was indeed true. Hockey fans love themselves the retro jerseys and it'd be a nice added touch to see them out on the ice come New Year's Day.

UPDATE If you visit the NHL online store, you'll' notice they have the Penguins and Sabres jerseys labeled as "Winter Classic". Looks like they are indeed going old-school for the outdoor game.

UPDATE #2 I contacted the Sabres and their response was "No information on that has been released."

UPDATE #3 The NHL has confirmed both team will wear the retro jersey's and they will be the RBK Edge style.


Charlie said...

Hopefully the Sabres marketing and creative services people seize the classic logo's long term sales and revenue potential over that of the slug and go back to it as the primary identity next season when it comes back.

Michael said...

Yea, this definitely sounds like a purposeful marketing leak to see what kind of response they would get for the fans.

I would be up for it, but one selling jersey that I keep seeing is the 92-93 white Penguins jersey or the 91-92 dark Penguins jersey with Crosby #87 on them. He never wore either. I would rather see those than the powder blue.

Anonymous said...

The Pens didn't start wearing those until their second season.

The innaugural season saw them wearing the Ranger-like "PITTSBURGH" diagnally down the sweater.

Brian said...

Sean - you never told me how much you ended up getting for your pair of tix to the classic. :-)

John said...

I do the ordering for our Reebok account for a sports apparel company here in Buffalo. I had to order the jerseys back in the beginning of October and my jaw hit my desk when I got the catalog. I'll be there in my white Retro, somewhere in the Jim Kelly Club!!

Anonymous said...
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