November 24, 2007

Podcasts I Like: The Faceoff Hockey Show

After I received my IPod two years ago, I searched through dozens of hockey podcasts on iTunes and pretty much filtered out the crap and only a handful have survived.

WHO The Faceoff Hockey Show

WHAT Five friends from the Maryland area who discuss everything in the world of hockey

WHEN Every Wednesday night, from 9-11pm EST

WHERE Listen live every week through their website or download their show via iTunes or wherever you get your podcast

The show, which is dubbed "A Show About Life With A 30% Chance of Hockey", has been around for over five years and their host, Scotty Wazz, is also a contributor to our little home here at Going Five Hole. The FOHS has a handful of staples you'll find each week and every hockey season.

Lyle Richardson, aka Spector from Spector's Hockey, has a weekly segment where they discuss trade rumors and speculation running rampant across the league. When the Joe Thornton trade went down, the crew was on air and probably the first ones to break the story.

Another weekly segment during the NHL season is their fantasy hockey recap with the famous roving correspondent, Jimmy Chunkybutter, who sounds eerily similar to a drunken Harry Caray...wait, isn't that the same thing? The FOHS does a fantasy hockey league, or should I say leagues, for their listeners are typically have between 50-60 teams in a number of divisions throughout the season. They determine a winner in a "Suicidal Six-Way" or a some other insane way to determine a fantasy hockey winner.

One of my favorite staples is the annual Draft Show, held every June. When the NHL Draft rolls around, most (if not all) of the FOHS crew ventures to the host city for a weekend of debauchery and somehow fit in a radio show during it. This past June, the crew set up shop at the "R Bar" in Columbus and were welcomed with open arms by "BJ Nation"...ok, "Blue Jackets Nation", that sounds better. Next summer, when they all head to Ottawa for the 2009 Draft, Lyle Richardson will be in attendance which should be a great show, what with the free-agency period beginning not to far after that.

If you take a trip over to their website, Faceoff Hockey, you'll find an online store where you can guy your girlfriend a "I <3 href=""> and have their own message board mixed in with fantasy hockey sections. There you can discuss the previous weeks show, post breaking news, or even check out pictures of assorted Ice Girls from around the league (God bless those girls).

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