December 20, 2007

The Beginning of the End for the Edge??

Thanks to the keen detective work by the boys at On Frozen Blog, it has been revealed that the Washington Capitals are the first team to ditch the Edge Uniform System in favor of the old fabric jerseys of yesteryear....and by yesteryear, I mean last year. The Caps unanimously decided that enough was enough.

The big question remains whether or not this will be the start of the full revolt of the Edge System as a whole. Could the Caps be the start of an Edge upheaval?? Maybe, maybe not.

However, this does show that the RBK Edge system isn't as crack up as RBK and the NHL had hoped it to be. With it being held under the radar as it has been, you have to wonder if the NHL had told the Caps to keep it under wraps so it wouldn't ruin the aura that is the Edge folklore. One thing it does do is breakdown the illusion the NHL is putting up in claiming that the Edge would revolutionize the way uniforms were made and used. It's one thing for a couple players to switch back to the old garmants, but for an entire team to unanimously decide to go back to the old fabric should speak volumes and get RBK to take their heads out of their asses.

There were plenty of people who were complaining about the streamlining of the jerseys and how it can do more harm than good. Though I was willing to shrug it off until the season actually started and the players played in them, but I'm willing to concede that it's time for a change back to the older fabrics. From the waterlogging of the undergarments and equipment, to the easy rip-ability during scrums-- it's curtains for the Edge jersey.

If everything does come to pass, how will RBK and the NHL do damage control if the Edge comes tumbling down?? The problem is, I can see the NHL and RBK doing all they can to milk whatever they can out of it. This was a big deal for both companies and they more than likely won't give up so easily on this, whilst spinning constantly on what went wrong and who's to blame. The biggest issue is that it was revealed too fast without the proper testing and all that fun stuff. Sure, RBK was under the gun with the Nike/Bauer Swift uniform set out on the International scene (horrible vertical striped socks and all), but even the Swift was tested thoroughly before being rolled out.

Only time will tell if the Edge will rank up there with the Cooperalls in biggest uniform mistakes in the NHL, but the Caps' decision could be the first domino that could topple the Edge and let this be another straw for the misdirected hostility towards Gary Bettman...though he should get some blame for it; but not all of it.

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Sean said...

I gotta think (hope) that RBK techie's are currently working on a much-improved model of the Edge for future use. I really haven't heard many complaints recently, compared to the beginning of the season.