December 16, 2007

Gary Roberts Will Also Not Take Kindly to Your Shots to the Face

When Gary Roberts joined the Pens last spring, I thought it was a good move to bring in some veteran leadership to the young club. Over the past week, Roberts has turned into one of my new favorite players. After taking care of young pup Ben Eager earlier this week, he found himself matched up with the Islanders 6'6 defenseman, Andy Sutton last night. I was at the game and when I first saw this develop, I thought, "Uh oh, Gary might be a little overmatched here." Well, as you'll see, Mr. Roberts held his own and improved his record this week to 2-0.

I should know better and I apologize to Gary Roberts for doubting him.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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old tyme hockey said...

Roberts is awesome. First kicking the snot out of that punk Eager and then the big goof Sutton.

Roberts is a great example of what old time hockey is all about. Play tough and hard, and make sure to stand up for yourself and teammates when young punks start running their mouths.