December 12, 2007

Gary Roberts Will Not Take Kindly to Your Elbows

Flyers "goon"/scrub/next guy most likely suspended at some point, Ben Eager made the decision to check Georges Laraque last night and put his elbow into it, which really did not make BGL (Big Georges Laraque) happy. After those two scuffled a bit, the old man, Gary Roberts took it upon himself to delve out some punishment to the young Flyer.

As you'll see, Gary Roberts, almost 20 years older than Eager, took the kid to school

While Philadelphia won the game in a rout, 8-2, the third period was incredibly feisty and the return engagement on January 24th will be only about revenge for Pittsburgh.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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Brian said...

Nice job by Roberts! I had heard of the tilt, but hadn't seen the vid clip until now.