December 5, 2007

Making a Difference...

Last week, Joe Pelletier of Greatest Hockey Legends issued a challenge to bloggers to "Make a Difference" and select a charity of choice to support. Well, having formerly worked for a charity when I was starting out in the real world, I've become someone who likes to help and enjoys donating my time and money to organizations close to my heart.

For my choice, I've selected The Mario Lemieux Foundation. Yes, I'm a die-hard Penguin and Lemieux fan, but that's not the sole reason I chose them. We've all been affected by cancer in some form. Whether someone we know was afflicted with the disease or maybe even you yourself have been diagnosed with a type of cancer. It's a growing problem around the world and the disease has taken the lives of too many people.

The The Mario Lemieux Foundation was established in 1993 after Lemieux was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. Lemieux has been cancer-free for almost 15 years and since has dedicated his time away from the rink to his foundation.

I've set up a permanent link on the right-hand side of the page so that visitors to the site can make their own donations and help find a cure for cancer.

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