December 13, 2007

NHL Stats Channel Debuts on Direct TV

What you're seeing there on the right is the new NHL Stats Channel that debuted today on Direct TV. A few weeks ago, Direct TV began moving the NHL Center Ice channels up a few slots and starting them at channel 770, instead of channel 764. Once the move had been made, if you turned to channel 769, it would be a black screen, but the preview box would say, "UPCOMING: NHL STATS CHANNEL".

The channel is a nice little addition to the Center Ice package and another treat for Direct TV subscribing hockey fans who earlier this season, found out they get the NHL Network and do not have to pay. The stats channel is just that, stats. The nightly scores are listed to the left, while the scroll on the bottom lists the upcoming games. The right side of the screen displays the conference and division standings as well as current league leaders in different statistical categories. Once the games are over, a short game summary is posted if you didn't get the chance to catch it.

If you want to know the score of your favorite team, this is a great channel to flip to instead of checking out ESPNews and waiting for their scroll to go through all of he menial stats of some college basketball game you don't care about.

I'll be interested to see if the NHL/Direct TV decide to use the channel in a similar fashion to what the NFL Network does on Sunday gameday's. During NFL games on Sunday, the NFL Network broadcasts a Sirius radio football show which gives constant updates on the games, meanwhile on your TV screen are all of the important player stats of each game. That would be a great tool for fans and fantasy hockey nuts to find out up-to-date stats while they are flipping between the Center Ice channels.

UPDATE: Turned on the channel this morning and it was not on. Apparently it runs from 4pm-2am daily. I'll keep an eye on this.

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Matt said...

Dish has had this since the season started, as did Time Warner last year. It does update during games but it can be a little slow, and player stats don't update until after the game finishes, sadly.

Sean said...

Interesting that Direct TV is finally getting around to this now.

A poorly organized band of hockey fanatics said...

But if someone has the Center Ice package, couldn't they just go the channel of the game they are interested in for the score???

But I guess if you are interested in who got the primary assists in another game for example in might be useful (although I wouldnt see a great need to get info like that RIGHT away)

But any hockey stuff on TV is appreciated!!!

Sean said...

@A poorly organized band of hockey fanatics: Yes, but what if the game you want the score in is over and the feed is no longer available?

Brian said...

We have this channel on the Center Ice package I get with Cox Digital Cable. It's usually the first channel of the grouping.

Nice little addition that wasn't part of the package last season when I had it then.

Of course, I'm still waiting for Cox to add the NHL Network here. Ugh.

Den said...
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Shon Bi said...
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