December 1, 2007

Patrick Kane Treats His Teammates to Wine

From Chicago Tribune

"Kane gave his teammates bottles of wine to commemorate his first NHL goal. The bottles of cabernet sauvignon had labels that read: "Patrick Kane, 1st NHL goal vs. Colorado Avalanche, Oct. 19, 2007. Won 5-3."

Before you go calling the police and ratting out Kane for buying alcohol underage, the rookie Blackhawks forward had his dad take care of the duties. Apparently it's tradition for rookies to buy wine for teammates, yet some Blackhawks had no idea about such tradition. Of course, they weren't going to complain now that they had a free bottle of wine sitting in their locker.

After finishing his bottle, Jason Williams took the autographed bottle and put it up on Ebay with the proceeds going to charity. The lucky winner will also receive a signed hat by Williams. The auction ends next Friday and bidding begins at $405.

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Anonymous said...

whoever wrote the article should realize that Justin Williams plays for Carolina and that the Hawk in question is Jason Williams