December 28, 2007

Podcasts I Like: LCS Hockey Radio Show

After I received my IPod two years ago, I searched through dozens of hockey podcasts on iTunes and pretty much filtered out the crap and only a handful have survived.

WHO LCS Hockey Radio Show

WHAT Greensburg, Pennsylvania native, Michael Dell could be recognized as one of the first hockey bloggers when he and a few friends started up LCS Hockey on the internets during the mid-90's. The in-depth site had correspondents from most, if not all, of the NHL teams, and had some many hilarious features each week. Now, LCS Hockey is back as a website and now in podcast form. Dell is joined by Jerry Fairish, "Ace Reporter" Jim Iovino, and Zippy the Wonder Chimp each week as the quartet discuss the biggest hockey topics over the past seven days, fantasy football, fantasy hockey, and old-school television. All in all, it makes for a very entertaining hour.

WHEN The show can be heard live, every Wednesday night at 9:30pm or downloaded through iTunes every Thursday.

WHERE The podcast can be heard live via BlogTalk Radio or through iTunes

I've been reading LCS Hockey since the late-90's and I would actually snail mail articles I had written to Dell and he would be kind enough to proofread them and send back to me. I guess you can say he's attributed to what you see here and my "awesome" writing skills. Thanks Delly! Along with Fairish, Iovino, and the Chimp (long-time friends), the chemistry between the four is tremendous and you'll find yourself laughing the entire time, even when a serious topic is being discussed.

One of my favorite articles from LCS has to be the Maul at the Mall, where Dell called out then-Whalers owner Peter Karmanos for moving the team and organized a "fight" at a local mall. "Karmanos" did show and unfortunately for him, did not leave without major damage. Another favorite is their Happy Birthday Baby Jesus charity hockey game held around Christmas time. The game was brought back this past weekend after a long hiatus, but the weather caused some problems and many an orphan were neglected.

If you're looking for a podcast that doesn't take itself too seriously and you'd like a laugh or two, then check out the LCS Hockey Radio Show. Be sure to also check out their website for some great articles every week.

LCS BlogTalk Radio Show

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