December 7, 2007

Podcasts I Like: Puck Podcast

After I received my IPod two years ago, I searched through dozens of hockey podcasts on iTunes and pretty much filtered out the crap and only a handful have survived.

WHO Puck Podcast

WHAT Hockey fans Eddie Garcia and Doug Stolhand were frustrated with the lack of NHL coverage in the local and national media in the United States. Instead of bitching about the problem the boys decided to do something about it themselves.

WHEN New podcasts are uploaded every Sunday morning.

WHERE You can download their podcast through iTunes or listen through their website.

One of the reason I really like this podcast is because both Eddie and Doug work for FOX Sports in Los Angeles. That allow them to have access to NHL audio and connections to bring on hockey writers and analysts as well as locker room interviews.

For fans that can't catch every game, the guys do in-depth recaps of the biggest games of each week, giving their own opinions on the happenings in each of those games. To help get their fans involved in the show, Eddie and Doug have recruited fan correspondents for almost every team and check in with them from time to time (or when a big story breaks, like the Nashville soap opera) to give listeners a local perspective of what is going on in those cities.


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