January 6, 2008

Marc-Andre Fleury is Quite Limber Indeed

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Fleury came up with an early candidate for prank of the year by stuffing himself into right winger Colby Armstrong's equipment bag as practice was winding down, then startling Armstrong when he tried to open it after returning to the locker room."

Good gravy that is quite the feat. I know hockey bags are decent in size and I can imagine a professional player's bag being even bigger, but to fit a 6'2, 180lbs person in there is downright amazing.

That's actually a pretty good prank and typically it's Armstrong that's the joker/prankster on the team. Good to see Fleury having a laugh while he's on the IR.

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Hooks Orpik said...

Like many pro athletes, Fleury is easily lighter and smaller than his "official" height/weight.

And if you've ever seen a hockey bag, it's not that much of a stretch to imagine a grown man fitting in one.

The real dedication, IMO, is putting up with the inherent stink and sticking with the prank for as long as it must have taken, even if it was only 5-10 minutes.

Loser Domi said...

I did something similar to that. When I graduated high school, my sister and her fiance gave me a luggage set. For the thank you note, I stuffed myself in and took a picture, and added a note saying something like "Thanks for the luggage. I'm sure this will come in useful."