January 29, 2008

Wheeling Nailers to Hold "Shred Rodriguez" Night

The entire state of West Virginia is still up in arms over the departure of their football coach, Rich Rodriguez, to the University of Michigan. It's gotten so bad that the governor even made comments about it at one point. Safe to say, the whole situation is pretty ugly and left a sour taste in the mouths of West F*&^&^ Virginia fans.

Enter the promotional mindset of minor league sports. The ECHL's Wheeler Nailer's have come up with a promotion for their game on Saturday night against Charlotte Checkers that should help in the healing process. They are holding a "Shred Rodriguez Night" I'll let the Nailers press release do the rest of the explaining.

" Rodriguez, who took the time to shred every file in his WVU office before departing to become the head coach at the University of Michigan, will have the favor returned at the Nailers game on February 2.

The Nailers are offering discounted tickets to any fan that brings in a newspaper article or picture of the former West Virginia University football coach to contribute to the industrial sized paper shredder that will be stationed in the concourse.

Additionally any fan who wears WVU apparel to the game will receive $2 off their ticket price. Ohio State fans will also receive the discount by wearing their gear to the game to demonstrate their mutual distaste for Michigan.

Any fan caught wearing University of Michigan apparel will be charged double in order to help Rodriguez pay his $4 million buyout to WVU.

If your first name is Rich or your last name is Rodriguez your ticket will be $8.25. If your name happens to be Rich Rodriguez you will get in free. Except, of course, if you actually are Coach Rich Rodriguez then you will be barred from the building and escorted outside state lines."

Nope. Not bitter at all, but a pretty damn good promotion. I would suspect Coach Rich Rodriguez will be busy recruiting and preparing for the 2008 college football season to attend. If he did show, I would imagine a riot similar to that of when Spinal Tap visited Springfield during an early episode of "The Simpsons".

Ballhype: hype it up!

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Teebz said...

That is an awesome promotion!

Full marks for this idea!