February 21, 2008

Everybody, Let's Go to the Cup!

Stumbling across these Internets, I happened upon Soccer Source, who had a post from early December about a proposed soccer/hockey arena
in Zurich, Switzerland that would house three professional teams. No, it's not a multi-use facility. The place would have two full-sized stadia inside, about 10,000 for hockey and 20,000 for soccer. We're talking a pretty massive deal here.

Oh, yeah, it also looks like a protective cup. There's "The Joe" in Detroit, "The Rock" in Jersey, why not "The Cup" in Zurich?

Fret not, the Swiss don't care as you'll see in some funky looking renderings on a site via the Soccer Source link above. A few go in detail with an inside view of how the place will be broken down between hockey rink and soccer stadium. Pretty neat idea. I'm sure we'll see it here in North American within the next 10-15 years. All the stadiums are evolving into massive "places to be" instead of the sport being the focus. It's now about everything else that's going on, like entertainment and food.

I envision a day when I can catch the Pens whipping the Islanders at the futuristic Nassau Coliseum (most likely changed to Wang Arena by then) and then walking down a concourse to see the Long Island Major League Soccer team play a match. I just hope they don't forget about the hot pretzels.

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