February 28, 2008

High School Hijinx...Still Alive

You would think with the way parents these days are insane and overprotective, they'd pick up on sexually explicit language inside their son's hockey team program...for two games.

Apparently not.

The hockey team at Lockview High School in Nova Scotia decided to play a little prank with each other and have some fun, you know, since they're teenagers and all. Inside the programs for their games was a biography of each of the players which were changed to reallll dirty things. You want an example?

"One player’s bio says he enjoys “some meat between his buns.” Another’s says he likes hunting and fishing and warns women that he shares his bed with a huge weapon.

A third player’s write-up says he “could be coming into your mouth sooner than you think as he seeks a profession in dental hygenics (sic) in the near future.”

Oh, those crazy kids!

Of course, a parent finally caught and complained to the school board who in turn fired the head coach the next day.

Moral of the story? Teenagers do stupid things...as if we didn't all know that (or remember when we were)

Thanks to WCK from FAN IQ for passing this story along.

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