February 25, 2008

The Opening of the Gates

It looks like the Flyers and Lightning are starting this trade deadline day out on fire with the Flyers acquiring Vaclav Prospal from the Lightning for Alexandre Picard and a second or third round pick in 2009. Prospal has been on a tear, setting a career high in goals with 29 already this season. Picard, not to be confused with the Blue Jackets' prospect winger, has eight goals and 30 assists in the AHL this season for the Philly Phantoms.

Prospal has made it clear that he wanted to be dealt out of town, especially considering the way he felt he was being treated in regards to the Lightning depth chart. His infamous post-game interview is one of legends on the YouTube world.

Yet, you have to wonder if the move is the best for Prospal. While he was construed as being mistreated in the Bolts organization, he did have plenty of chemistry with anyone in the line-up for the Bolts. Also, that motivating factor to get out allowed him to get to the 29-goal plateau. The question now is whether or not he'll be able to continue this success all the way up to Philadelphia. With the Flyers having troubles as of late-- any little bit can help, I'm sure.

This could be just the start folks. It's setting up to be a pretty exciting deadline day.

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