February 1, 2008

Randy Cunneyworth is a Menace

Check out this brawl between the Penguins and Whalers from the 1993-94 season. A sophomore Chris Pronger starts things off with a big hit on Markus Naslund in the corner. Nazzy tries to fight back and then somehow winds up in the fight with Randy Cunneyworth. As you'll see, Naslund tries to get out of the fight in the worst way.

Cunneyworth, a Penguin for four seasons in the mid-late 80's, then tries to mix things up with Jim Paek who's on the Pittsburgh bench. The man was obviously not happy and looking for someone to fight, especially since his attempt with Naslund failed miserably.

On a side note, how great is it to see those Whalers sweaters again?

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