February 19, 2008

Rejoice! NHL Network US to Carry TSN's TradeCenter 08

Yes, that's right, according to my Direct TV channel guide, next Tuesday's trade deadline will be full covered here in the US thanks to the NHL Network. Beginning at 8am and going two hours past the official deadline at 4pm, the NHL Network US will stream the TSN feed of all the breaking news and trades. What a tremendous decision here and what a treat for us Yanks.

Last year, the only way to experience TSN's TradeCentre coverage was listening to it over the internet. This year, we'll be able to see the lovely faces of the TSN crew.

Mike Milbury not pictured because he was still trying to trade Alexei Yashin for some reason

If you're new, TSN is Canada's version of ESPN, so they have the biggest insider names in hockey like Bob MacKenzie and Darren Dreger. As soon as trades go down, they will break the news and even get the players in question on air for an interview. I remember last year right after Bill Guerin was traded to San Jose, he was on TSN just after he left Blues practice.

I recommend calling in sick to work or taking the day off from school and spend eight hours following the last minute deals. If you can't get to a television on Deadline Day, you can track all the moves online through TSN's online TradeCenter. Lots of great insight there in the meantime as well as rumors about possible deals we'll see in the next seven days.

UPDATE: According to my Direct TV guide listing, looks like there's going to be a two-hour wrap up show from 4-6pm after all the trading mayhem.

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