February 26, 2008

Tick-Tick-Boom...Scotty Wazz's Adventure to the Deadline

Hey folks, I'll be taking over for Sean from now up until the deadline or whenever the trades start to stop-- got that?? First, I'd like to thank Sean for this opportunity to do this. Second, I'll be following the TSN and Score feeds-- I can't deal with Sportsnet's Frat Party Deadline. Alright-- so, buckle up, get ready-- let's roll.

9:34-- Dave Hodge of the TSN Reporters said that he believes that Ray Emery will not be the Senators #1 or #2 goalie by the end of the day. I think it'll be hard to move him, especially with not many goalies on the block. We'll see how far this goes. Also-- good to see that TSN is pretty much stacking the deck bringing in Matt Barnaby.

9:38-- Well, the Score is so down, they're going to live TV death and taking viewer phone calls. Oddly enough, still more entertaining that Bruce Garrioch and Nick Kypreos.

9:41-- Look kids, it's Al Strachen on the Score, how about that. The Score team is discussing what's happening in Colorado. The Avs have been movers up to the deadline with signing Peter Forsberg and getting back both Joe Sakic and Paul Stastny. Rumors have the Avs wanting to get back Adam Foote or Rob Blake. Is it me or did the calendar move back to 2001??

9:42-- TSN's faux stock ticker?? I'm sorry-- that's terrible.

9:43-- Sean brought up a good point on the Frat Party Deadline, free pizza and beer. That said, I think Doug MacLean, Bruce Garrioch, and Nick Kypreos in the same room is the seventh sign. In addition, this is the most publicity Kypreos has gotten in years.

9:46-- I think Darcy Tucker has upped the ante with the post-game interview. Most guys are on the bike or some exercise equipment, but Tucker put in a lip of Copenhagen in went about his business. I tip my Sprite can to you, Tucks.

9:49-- Is a coaching change in Ottawa brewing?? Brent Wallace thinks so. Because of the teams performance, John Paddock may be on his way out of Ottawa. It is big thing, but you have to wonder if this is just a knee-jerk reaction both in the room and in the media about it. Paddock was fine when the Sens were just dominating the whole thing, but slumps happen. Wallace says the next 48 hours could be the big thing for Paddock.

9:55-- Okay, do they not have any cameras in Boston?? You'd think with the fact that they can get Cory Woron on the beaches of Miami a camera for the deadline, they'd get someone in Boston. That, or Brent Wallace was on a bender and just woke up late and has missed his live shot. Also, Monster Drops by Pierre Maguire is at one.

9:58-- Well, it seems the answer to killing the Toronto media storm-- the Spice Girls. Due to a concert at the ACC, the media may not be able to speak to the Leafs brass. James Duthie and Pierre Maguire talk a bit about Spice Girls....which is the immediate call for a trade of any kind. Let Mike Milbury and John Ferguson trade Timbits or hair styling tips-- anything.

10:05-- Will Brad Richards waive his no-movement clause?? Does he want to?? Do the Bolts want him to?? I think that it could happen, but it's a very big longshot. Richards return may not be able to compensate for what he has in terms of upside. That said, he has slumped since his Conn Smythe run so his return could be hurting.

Also, Pierre Maguire is very, very close to Darren Dutchyshen-- like man-love close.

10:08-- The Score panel, which includes Craig Button and Steve Ludzik, who are going over the UFA and RFA lists and where they could go. Guys they mention are Pavol Demitra trying to get out Minnesota to get out of the doghouse. Also, Corey Perry getting offer sheets in the summer time-- Kevin Lowe, we're looking at you.

10:14-- Sticking with the Score, Adam Foote is mentioned and they all agree that Columbus should re-sign him in order to help the Jackets keep moving forward. As much as he can bring to the room, shouldn't you be looking at someone like keeping David Vyborny as a mentor, especially since all the young talent is in the forward position.

10:17-- Marian Hossa's equipment is in his stall in the Thrashers locker-room. That's good to know, also the hot dog rollers have been turned on to warm up the dogs in Bell Centre for tonight's game.

10:24-- Nashville, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Washington, and Chicago are the five teams with the most cap space available. Al Strachen says that the Hawks and Coyotes aren't going to do much, while Craig Button thinks the Caps could make a couple moves to build up on their team, something of a lower end top-6 forward. Philadelphia, NY Rangers, Toronto, Anaheim and Carolina are capped out, with Philly, NY and Toronto actually over with injury money being paid out.

10:27-- Hey, if you guys out there have any question, comments, concerns, ideas for food afterwards-- email me at scotty.wazz@gmail.com

10:30-- I'm fairly sure that Darren Pang questioned Matthew Barnaby's sexuality on the "Either/Or" game when Barnaby was talking about Jason Spezza. Maybe the Maguire closeness is rubbing off...yuck....

10:33-- Eric Duhatschek on the Score talking about the Flames. Duhatschek is saying that low rumbles say that Kristian Huselius is available, maybe for Michael Ryder. Other than that, he says that the Flames look pretty solid. The need is for more consistent production from the forwards, because Darryl Sutter has said he could be done trading.

10:37-- AND WE HAVE A TRADE!! The New Jersey Devils have acquired Bryce Salvador from St. Louis for Cam Janssen. The thought was either Salvador or Barret Jackman were going to get dealt, since both were UFAs and the Blues didn't want to keep both because of their contract demands. With Jackman signed yesterday, Salvador is out. It brings a gritty defenseman to the Devils, with a WHL background-- perfect for Brent Sutter's corps.

10:46-- Cam Janssen is excited to go to the Blues, mostly because it's his hometown. He gives a lot of his respect to the Devils organization. He's not disappointed at leaving the Devils because he just wants to play and be on a team that wants him to play. It's refreshing to hear something like this, especially from a character guy like Janssen.

10:53-- Marian Hossa was told by the Thrashers to stay in his hotel so he doesn't get injured for a trade that could happen. I often wonder how many times that has happened in the past where a trade got foiled due to a pre-game skate injury.

10:56-- Okay, the Frat Party just got bumpin' with Bill Clement's mustache making an appearance. Sadly, Keith Primeau's brain is still in the hotel room, while his body is at the Sportsnet studio. But I don't like this Boston Pizza "situation room", unless they have team pitchers-- in which case I pitch that myself and the cast of the Face Off Hockey Show be there next year.

11:02-- I don't know if the streaming feed is getting the commercials that TSN is putting out on cable, but those Operation Lifesaver commercials about the trains....oof...why?? I didn't know the train vs. car situation was a big deal since 1973.

11:08-- Who is the number one guy out there?? It seems that Brian Campbell's name is the big one, outside of Marian Hossa. It's hard to say that Campbell will be moved, especially with the Sabres revitalization.

11:16-- ANOTHER DEAL!! The Maple Leafs send Wade Belak to the Florida Panthers for a 5th Round pick in '08, in what we call a shopping cart deal, since Belak is in Miami already for tomorrow's game. At least one Leaf will be moved today.

11:22-- Darren Millard of Sportsnet is saying that Bryan McCabe to the NY Islanders rumors are sticking around. McCabe's wife is from Long Island and is there now awaiting the birth of their child in April. McCabe has said he won't waive his NTC, but will listen to ideas. Let's see if family will win out on hockey at this venture.

11:24-- Brad Larsen trying to have some fun, donning Marian Hossa's helmet in the morning skate.

11:26-- ANOTHER DEAL?? It seems that Brian Campbell has been traded, possibly to San Jose. Nothing has been made official yet, but it seems that it could be for Steve Bernier in return to Buffalo. This will be updated when finalized.

11:34-- I think it's time for Darcy Reiger to be lynched in Buffalo. With trading Campbell, especially since the fact they are tied for the 8th playoff spot, they have ultimately given up on the season. Add that to Danny Briere and Chris Drury leaving-- who's next?? Ryan Miller could be the last nail in Reiger's coffin if/when he becomes an UFA.

11:35-- Finalized deal: Steve Bernier and a 1st round pick are headed to Buffalo for Brian Campbell.

11:37-- It's official, Brad Richards have been asked to waive his no-movement clause, which is believe to be to Dallas. It'll be interesting to see if Richards will do it and what the Bolts could get back in return.

11:42-- AN ACTUAL BIG DEAL!! It seems that Brad Richards is now a Dallas Stars, as he has waived his no trade clause. No solid on what's going back in return, but I'll keep posted.

11:45-- For the Richards deal-- Brad Richards and Johan Holmqvist head to Dallas; Jeff Halpern, Mike Smith, and Jussi Jokinen head to Tampa.

11:51-- Well, it looks like Cristobal Huet is getting traded from Montreal to the Washington Capitals for a 2nd round pick. Wow-- that's....that's a head-scratcher.

11:54-- Okay, for the Richards deal-- the Stars not only got a decent center in Richards, but they didn't have to move Mark Fristric. One has to ask, how will they effect Mike Ribeiro's production for better or worse. In Tampa's case, they get a leader in Jeff Halpern to help in the room, a great dangler in Jokinen and maybe a stop-gap in Mike Smith-- though having Karri Ramo and Smith as your goalies really doesn't bode well for the future.

11:58-- Okay, so Cristobal Huet heading to Washington is a cheap price for Washington to pay, but the question is what happens to Olie Kolzig or Brent Johnson?? Will one of them be moved or will they keep them all and hope they can play two at a time??

As for Montreal, this is the start of the Carey Price era, unless the Habs nab a starter in this trade deadline. Price is good, but is he mature enough now to be the #1 on a team that is going for the division lead?? We'll see.

12:03-- ANOTHER DEAL?!? Sportsnet is reporting that Andrew Ladd has been traded from Carolina to Chicago for Tuomo Ruutu.

12:09-- How cool is the Score crew?? They moved from the TV studio, to their Sirius Satellite Radio studio. Now that....that is versatility for those folks.

12:11-- Marc, with a "C", my collegue on the Face Off Hockey Show has predicted not only a San Jose Sharks Cup win, but has also told me to blog Rob Blake to Washington. However, Blake has said he won't lift his NTC unless it's the right fit. Nice research, Marc.

12:21-- DEAL!! Ruslan Salei to Colorado from Florida for Karlis Skrastins and 3rd round pick.

12:34-- So, we're under two and a half hours from the deadline and we may be done, with Marian Hossa being the excpetion to the rule. It has been a helluva hour, a power hour-- if you will. I think we have a lot of shock and some moves that may have been unexpected. However, you look at it and how quickly we picked up-- it creates for fun reactions and a lot of analysis on what just happened, especially in the deal like Huet and Richards.

With the Hossa deal imminent (or so they say) it's just a matter of who's going to pick him up and for what.

12:37-- INSIDE DEAL!! Matthew Barnaby apparently got the call that Martin Lapointe has been traded to Ottawa for Chicago for a 6th round pick.

12:45-- I'll go out on a limb and play armchair trademaster. I think that the Calgary Flames will get Olli Jokinen for Daymond Langkow, Tim Ramholt, and some picks. It would solve the Flames problem up the middle for another year and let them re-sign Kristian Huselius with some cash to spare.

12:49-- So, we've hit a lull, but the interview that Brian Campbell did with the Buffalo media is the true standard for players in this day, especially those who have played in one place their whole life. Right now, Brian Campbell is the leading candidate for the "Ryan Smyth Award" for most emotional player on the deadline day. We'll see if there are any other contenders as the day moves along.

12:55-- It seems that is is 2001 again, as the Columbus Blue Jackets are talking with the Colorado Avalanche about a trade with Adam Foote. Foote would have to waive his NTC, which he probably would for Colorado.

1:05-- OFFICIAL DEAL-- Adam Foote is back to Colorado from Columbus for some undisclosed players as yet. I don't know if going back in time is good. Sure, it worked for Marty McFly, but I don't think the Avs will have the same success or staying power.

1:14-- ANOTHER DEAL-- Sergei Fedorov is leaving Columbus for Washington. It seems the Caps are trying to bulk up a little bit, but will it help??

1:17-- Line of the Day candidate: "James, this interview would be a lot more effective if I could hear you." That was brought to you by Brian Burke, that guy is a card.

1:27-- Foote deal conclusion: Foote to Colorado for a conditional 1st round pick in '08/'09 and conditional pick if Foote re-signs in Colorado

Fedorov deal conclusion: Fedorov to Washington for Ted Ruth

1:32-- MINOR DEAL-- for you Rob Davison fans, he has been traded from the Sharks to the Islanders for a 7th round pick.

1:37-- ANOTHER CAPS DEAL-- George McPhee burning up the lines by adding Matt Cooke to the line-up from Vancouver for Matt Pettinger.

1:59-- I think TSN is stealing my bits with the Back To The Future reference. I want royalties, dammit.

2:01-- So, we're an hour away. Something has to be brewing because nothing has been heard from Olli Jokinen or Marian Hossa. Hell, even Bryan McCabe's name has taken a slight dip in interest. This could be the real power hour, so let's get 'er going kids.

2:05-- You know, I like how the Score is doing their stuff. Instead of the awkward TV stuff, they went right to the radio side of things so the host could just chill out, relax, not being the suit jackets, but do their business right, unlike KegStand Central. Kudos to the Score.

2:12-- It seems that Corey Masisak of the Washington Times, the Capitals may not be done yet. He said to the Score crew that there are some rumblings in the Verizon Center. Word is Olie Kolzig will start....provided he's on the roster for tonight. Interesting....especially with the fact the Caps have made three deals already.

2:26-- TSN just showed Brian Burke in his warroom in Anaheim on the phone. I don't think he's making a deal, but I think he's ordering a pizza for the after party....just a thought.

2:40-- Under 20 minutes and some clarification, only notifications have to be in by 3:00PM, meaning something in writing. Trade calls can happen all the way until 5:00PM ET.

2:51-- We're at the 10 minute mark-- it seems that Sportsnet is reporting that the Penguins are the lead dog for the Hossa deal. We'll see what happens, as Waddel is probably waiting to get the best deal.

2:53-- MINOR DEALS-- Leafs trade Hal Gill to Pittsburgh for a 2nd and 5th round pick in '08, while the Rangers get Christian Backman from St. Louis for a 4th round pick.

2:59-- BIG DEAL-- Marian Hossa has finally been traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Angelo Esposito, Colby Armstrong, and Erik Christensen, as well as maybe a 1st round pick.

3:00-- Done and Done-- the deadline has passed, so no more deals. More calls could be coming in, but no new deals.

3:03-- The Hossa deal has Hossa and Pascal Dupuis to Pittsburgh for Angelo Esposito, Colby Armstrong, and Erik Christensen.

3:10-- DEAL AFTER DARK-- Chris Simon has been traded to the Minnesota Wild for a 6th Round Pick going to Long Island

3:14-- ANOTHER LATE DEAL-- Brad Stuart traded to the Red Wings from the Kings for a 2nd and 4th round pick

3:16-- So, Dave Hodge said the Penguins were the winners in the East, Dallas in the West. Personally, the Pens paid way too much for a rental in Hossa. The Pens won't be able to afford Hossa, especially with contracts to Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal, M-A Fleury, and Kris Letang coming up in the near future. To give up three great young prospects like Esposito, Armstrong, and Christensen for a rental is insane.

And if the Pens think this will help them in the playoffs, I'd think again. Hossa only as 13 goals and 35 points in 55 playoff games and has often been invisible on the ice.

3:25-- LATE NIGHT MENU-- Phoenix traded Josh Gratton, David LeNeveu, and Fredrik Sjostrom to NY Rangers for Alvaro Montoya and Marcel Hossa.

Anaheim acquires M-A Bergeron from NY Islanders for 3rd Round Pick

Toronto trades Chad Kilger to Florida for 3rd Round Pick

3:31-- GOALIE MOVE-- The Ducks acquire J-S Aubin from the LA Kings for a 7th Round Pick

3:36-- YET ANOTHER CAPS MOVE-- The Capitals re-acquire Alexandre Giroux from Atlanta for Joe Motzko.

3:51-- MAYBE ONE MORE MOVE-- Tampa trades Jan Hlavac to Nashville for....ah I can't find it, the hell with it.

Alright-- I think it's done now. It's time for me to go get some rest and get out of this seat. Once we all have time to digest it, I'll put a review of it all. Thanks for all of you who hung around and commented through this whole thing. Also, check out Face Off Hockey Show for the recap of the trade deadline with Lyle Richardson from Spector's Hockey.

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Sean said...

dude! free pizza! free beer! what's wrong with the frat-party deadline? I want breaking news when one of the analysts does a keg stand. That's ratings!

Sean said...

So has Strachan spoken about how his "rumor" that Vinny Lecavalier would demand a trade in the off-season turned out to be completely, completely false?

Sean said...

Carolina trying to strike lightning in a bottle twice with Blackhawk castoffs? First Samsonov, now Ruutu?

Sean said...

looks like McPhee is throwing it all out there just to get the Caps into the playoffs.

JonnyP said...

The Caps haven't traded much away so far ... a 2nd rounder they got from the Ducks (for Sutherby) and a kid that's playing at Notre Dame.

FOHS Marc said...

Back to the Future references??? Theo "The Bambino" Ruth?? TSN IS stealing all your bits!

Brian said...

Sean - Hossa to the Pens...your immediate reaction? Make sure you use extra bleach to get that crap out of your shorts. Ha ha.

Sean said...

As a Pens fan, have to love the deal for this season.

EC has potential to be a decent center in the NHL.

Colby I'm actually shocked he got traded. Yes he's struggled, but he's Sid's best friend on the team. He's also a great locker room guy, probably the funniest Penguin.

Espo I would have loved to seen him play with the Pens.

Hey, if it brings us the Cup this year, it's all gooooooooooood

Sean said...

I would think the way Staal and Fleury (depending on what he does the rest of the way) have played, they won't have such high contracts.

Yes Hossa is a possible rental, but with Crosby and Malkin all on the same team, this could end well. Well enough to not care if Hossa walks. It all about the risks.

Sean said...

so Montoya goes from one team that is set in goal to another that seems pretty much set in goal for the future? This kid can't catch a break

Brian said...

Not that I had high hopes of my Isles doing much of anything this year if they actually ended up making the playoffs, but I'm quite disappointed with their "deals" today.

I liked Marc-Andre Bergeron on our blueline.

Davison? Not so much. 15 GP with the Sharks this year and not a single point.

As for the Simon to Minnesota deal? *yawn*

Thanks, Garth!

Sean said...

looks as if Garth Snow was making more calls to his ho's than to other general managers

Brian said...

I also just inquired to Cox (my cable company) about any news on us getting the NHL Network.

"At present, we have no plans to add the NHL network. We have added your name into our database with others who have requested the NHL Network.

Same freeking line as the last few times I've asked over the past several months. Grrr.

Yet, at the same time, I've got NBA TV and NBA.COM TV which, Cox verified when I asked, are one in the same.