February 26, 2008

Tick, Tick, Tick....Sean's TSN Live Blog Until 9:30am ET

Scotty Wazz will take over at 9:30 ET with the rest of the deadline day happenings

Well, it's here. All the waiting. All the rumors. That all ends today at 3pm. It's a semi-national holiday in Canada and it's growing in popularity here in the US. If you have NHL Network, flip it on NOW. They are showing the TSN feed from 8am until 6pm. Yes, ten hours of coverage. Amazing. If you're stuck in the office, head over to NHL.com where they will be streaming the TSN feed.

So what happened so far? Scotty did a good job with the couple of deals last night, but there was a pretty big signing that occurred that will signal the end of the Brad Richards-era in Tampa Bay. Dan Boyle signed a 6-year, $40 million dollar contract which will not only force Lightning general manager Jay Feaster to deal the former Conn Smythe winner in Richards, but also heat up the sweepstakes for defenseman Brian Campbell of Buffalo.

The TSN crew opens up with some hotly rumored deals, which of course, are more reliable than any you'll read on your local message board.

8:01 - RUMOR: Marian Hossa to Montreal for Michael Ryder and two prospects

8:02 - RUMOR: Brad Richards to Columbus for Ron Hainsey, Dan Fritsche, Ole Tollefson, and Gilbert Brule.

8:04 - RUMOR: Brad Richards to Vancouver for Luc Bourdon, Cory Schneider, draft picks.

8:12 - Darren Dreger promoted the Avs-Canucks matchup tomorrow night at 10pm ET as possibly the return of Peter Forsberg...that is if his foot holds up walking to the locker room.

8:16 - Word out of Pittsburgh is that Marc-Andre Fleury will return tonight! Sweet! I'll be in attendance and can't wait to see the new white pads in person.

8:17 - NHL Network showing one of those player profiles about Red Kelly. I'm very happy to see that they've switched them up and rotated in a few others. How many times can I watch the one with Darryl Sittler without wanting to spear my television?

8:24 - John Ferguson Jr. explains that Mats Sundin earned a no-trade clause and already had one in place in his previous contract when he re-signed him to a one-year deal.

8:27 - Why is Olli Jokinen on the trade block? Florida is in the playoff hunt for the first time in quite a while and their captain still have two years left on his deal. I can understand if he was an upcoming UFA, but you want to try to sell hockey in Florida, you have to keep Jokinen.

8:29 - GM Corner with Mike Milbury and Ferguson Jr. Great question here: If the Leafs are quiet today or make just a minor move or two, what was the point of bringing in Cliff Fletcher as interim general manager?

8:35 - If Brian Campbell is dealt today or leaves on July 1st, does that make Buffalo the Edmonton of the East, where no free agents want to go?

8:38 - Darren Dreger is reporting that Mike Comrie has signed a one-year deal to stay with the Islanders worth $4 million. That's a big deal for the Isles as Comrie is their leading scorer with 18 goals and 27 assists. He's seemed to have found a niche for himself on the Island.

8:40 - Ross McKeon of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Brad Richards will be dealt to Dallas for goalie Mike Smith, Jeff Halpern, and Mark Fistric. Seems a little light to me, obviously Tampa is trying to dump Richards salary completely off their books, but they do that goaltender they've been looking for. Wondering when this will be finalized and announced.

8:47 - Atlanta is in Montreal tonight to play the Habs. Will Marian Hossa switch locker rooms before 7pm ET tonight? That seems to be the strong rumor.

8:53 - This is why insanity runs the hockey world in the hours leading up to the trade deadline. SportsNet's Nick Kypreos reported that the Penguins might be interested in trading Evgeni Malkin. Really? Really? They pay Kypreos for that kind of crap? Why the hell would Pittsburgh trade Malkin, you know, the hottest player in the league right now? So, they trade Geno who's carried the team since Sidney Crosby went down, and they're supposed to maintain their high position in the Eastern Conference? If you're looking for credibility as an analyst, throwing out ridiculous rumors like you're Eklund or something is not the way to go [e5].

9:02 - Bob MacKenzie just explained to the world what a "no-trade clause" means. Thanks.

9:15 - Anaheim is the consensus Stanley Cup favourite (love that Canadian "u") among the TSN staff. Pierre McGuire has the NY Rangers as #5 on his list. Wha? Really? Are there any "monsters" on that team?

9:17 - Who would I like my Penguins to pick up today? I'd love John-Michael Liles on that blueline. He could really help their defense. A scoring winger would be nice, but Ryan Malone and Petr Sykora have done a great job the last few weeks. I really DO NOT want Tuomo Ruutu or Martin "Mr. Injured Reserve" Havlat, especially at their prices and for the young talent it might cost Pittsburgh.

9:28 - I'm done. Scotty Wazz will now handle things. Enjoy the rest of the deadline day!

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Maal said...

When Atlanta trades Hossa, if we don't get more than picks and prospects in return, I'm sending out the lynch mob for DW.

Sean said...

@maal: DW is in a tough spot. He probably should trade Hossa to get something since he'll walk July 1. But, on the business end, they need to sell hockey in the ATL and another first-round exit (or missing them altogether) would damage the market. I'm sure if Hossa is dealt, the Thrashers will get a couple of good players that can contribute long-term. Michael Ryder/Chris Higgins are the names being rumored from Montreal. I'd take Higgins personally. He has future Captain written all over.