February 20, 2008

When Coaches Attack!

Here's Cincinnati Cyclones coach Don Jackson going after the Atlanta Knights team's mascot, "Sir Slapshot". Mr. Slapshot is one of those inflatable-type mascots that sometimes perform during periods. According to the story, his job was to distract the opponents by running into the plexi-glass behind their bench. Jackson had been leaning against the glass and was thrown forward when Slapshot rammed into it, tossing the coach on top of a few players.

Also, "Sir Slapshot came out in between periods with a giant bandage on his head. Later in the season a bunch of mascots would stage a "sit-in" on center ice in mock protest of the attack." Jackson would later be suspended by the IHL for ten games. I like how he describes the event as looking at a 9-foot fat boy.

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Brian said...

Man! I miss NHL 2 Night! I'm STILL trying to look for that theme song so I can use it for my ring tone. :-)

Sean said...

and a young Bill Pidto!