March 17, 2008

Going Five Hole's Bracketology

It's that time of year again where the NCAA Tournament brackets disrupt our lives for three weeks and the productivity in the office heads toward a giant downward spiral.

Here at Going Five Hole, I'd like to contribute to that poor productivity by offering you readers another pool to join, this one through Yahoo!. You need a Yahoo! account to join, so once you do visit this link and enter the Group ID# "631" and the password is "hockey".

From there, you can start selecting your Cinderella's and hope you are the master picker. It's free to join, so tell your friends!

Ballhype: hype it up!

1 comment:

Gittle said...

Dude, I love the basketball tourney, as does pretty much everyone, but the real selection show is this Sunday. That's right, I'm talking about the hockey tournament! For a hockey weblog, you should be talking a bit more about that. ;-)

Anyway, the conference tournaments wrap up this weekend, with the automatic bids (six) being claimed, and the at-larges following thereafter. Unlike the basketball selection process, choosing the hockey tournament field is fairly straightforward. The teams will come from the top 14 or so on this list, plus the autobids from the bottom two conferences. However, because of the Hockey East standings, the two teams in Hockey East that are highest in the PairWise, UNH and BC, are playing in the semifinals, so either BU or Vermont has a chance to win the autobid and knock someone else out of the tournament. If they don't, it would likely mean that Wisconsin would get in with a a winning percentage below 0.500, because they play in the toughest conference by a wide margin and have a better record against Top-25 teams and against teams that everyone else has played. The teams in the WCHA have all played the ten toughest schedules in the nation, and they have effectively beaten each other up, which is why the records are mediocre. Effectively, Hockey East has pretty much stunk this year.

So do a bracket for the hockey tournament, please! I know that the traditional hockey powers aren't sexy, and most D-1 programs are smaller D-1 institutions or even full-time D-2 or D-3 members, but that doesn't mean it won't be a bad tournament. Just keep that in mind when you're filling a bracket with Colorado College (not CU; this is a liberal-arts college in Colorado Springs), North Dakota, St. Cloud State, Clarkson, Minnesota State (Mankato), et al. ;-)