March 17, 2008

NHL Network to Simulcast XM's NHL Live Radio Show

Beginning today at 12pm ET, the NHL Network will begin showing XM's NHL Live, the hockey radio show featuring E.J. Hradek and Don LaGreca. The show will be broadcast on NHL Network Monday to Friday from 12-2pm EST and replayed daily from 5-7pm EST.

This is another great addition to the NHL Network which has upgraded it's programming greatly since it's debut here in the States last October. Hockey fans are now able to watch weekly ECHL, AHL, and numerous NHL games a month as well as original programming such as Vintages Games, Classic Series, and the medal rounds of the World Junior Championships. The best part? No more of those Darryl Sittler vignettes about his 10-point night! The brass at the NHL Network have finally rotated in some news ones featuring Tom Barrasso, Mike Bossy, Paul Coffey and Bobby Hull.

NHL Live, broadcast from the NHL Store in New York City, is a call-in talk show which features many interviews with players, coaches, and analysts around the NHL. If you're a hockey fan, it's certainly a great addition to what you're already seeing on the NHL Network.

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PghWriter1979 said...

Hmm, now if only we can get NHL Network to bring us endless coverage of team training camps like it's cousin the NFL Network, we'd be in heaven. And thank God I don't have to listen to Sittler go on and on every other commercial break anymore... heh

Sean said...

keep in mind, the NHL Network debuted in the US in October, so now that the league has the entire US and Canada base, we're bound to see improved programming.

They gave us the TSN simulcast of the Trade Deadline, World Junior Coverage, etc.

Who knows what they have planned for the Draft, free agent signing day on July 1, as well as training camp. Should be exciting to see.