April 21, 2008

1987 World Junior Brawl Between Canada and Soviet Union

Here's a great bench-clearing brawl that occurred during the 1987 World Junior Championships between Canada and the Soviet Union. The Canadians who were already in position to claim the bronze if they lost, had to win five goals to win the gold medal in the tournament. The Soviets were out of medal contention completely.

As you see, the referees had enough and left the ice, eventually having the lights turned off to try and calm things down. Eventually, the tournament organizers abandoned the game and delegates from the participants voted to disqualify both Canada and the Soviet Union.

Some notable names from both squads:
Theo Fleury
Steve Chiasson
Pierre Turgeon
Glen Wesley
Mike Keane
Luke Richardson
Brendan Shanhan

Alex Mogilny
Sergei Fedorov
Vladimir Konstantinov

Recently, noted author Gare Joyce wrote a book about the events of that night. For more information, check out Joe Pelletier's review over at Greatest Hockey Legends.

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