April 26, 2008

Anatomy of a Call


From the stills, Crosby doesn't even look to his right to even realize Straka is there. Also, if look at the first still, the positioning of Marty. He makes a diagonal stride towards the puck carrier and in the path of Crosby. Why? Gomez is already about to meet the puck carrier.

There's no need for Straka to make contact with Crosby's while he is skating forward.

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Amit said...

There's also no need for Crosby to be lunging forward in a dive for the ice as he is in the last photo.

Funny how you don't mention that.

Sean said...

well when you're skating forward and your legs make contact with a player coming from your side, your body's momentum will force you to lung/bend over.

Amit said...

Please. I'm not denying the fact that it was certainly a valid call against Straka for interference, or could've even been called a hooking penalty since he did have his stick horizontal to the ice.

But there's no way anyone can say, after looking at that video and the replays of it on TSN, that Crosby didn't embellish the hell out of that. Bottom line is "the kid" should've been called for diving as well, and they both should've been in the box.

If you're going to make that call that late in the game, which they completely should (a penalty is a penalty no matter when it's committed), you need to call it both ways. There should've been coincidental minors.

Joshua said...

In fairness though, he didn't "lunge forward in a dive for the ice." He went down on one knee briefly, then sprung right back up and kept going. He barely lost a step. A lot of the anti-Crosbyites make it sound like he sprawled out on his stomach at center ice. He was still in the play going into the zone when Gomez swatted the puck away.

Amit said...

For a guy who is one of the strongest players on his skates in the entire NHL, he surprisingly ends up going down to the ice, loses his footing, whatever the hell you want to call it, a whole hell of a lot.

It's pathetic because he's a great player. He doesn't need to do that stuff. Nobody complains about Malkin b/c he doesn't do that. He's so frickin' talented that he doesn't need to do that crap.

But Crosby, for whatever reason, ends up embellishing things A LOT.

Like I said, the call on Straka was not a bad call. But, if you're going to make that call, and you're going to start blowing the whistle after letting the players play for nearly 25 minutes, you need to make that call against Crosby as well. Just b/c he's a great player doesn't mean he should get a pass for this crap.

IhateVince said...

well crosby gets more calls because he draws calls better than anyone in the league. not because hes a diver or embellishes. it was strakas fault he should not have interfered, and crosby does not get every call just because hes such a great player. what about avery smacking him in the face with his stick?

Joshua said...

Whatever the deal is with Crosby, it's not like he's the only player in the history of the game to do that kind of thing.

Gretzky used to do it. Forsberg did it a lot early on and he still does it. Sean Avery has done some of the worst dives I've ever seen. Talk about "lunging to the ice" and flopping about. When Avery played for the Kings in 2006 he made a little bump from Jagr look like an assassination attempt. He whipped his head around and got all spastic.


Now THAT'S a dive.