April 27, 2008

Brendan Shanahan Does His Best Sean Avery Impression

No, no he didn't turtle, he took a page from Avery's book in trying to screen Marc-Andre Fleury.

TSN has the video highlights.

Now, I'm one who thinks the "Avery Rule" is ridiculous. When I first saw him doing that, I thought it was brilliant and wondered why it hadn't happened more often. As long as the player in front is not physically interfering with the goaltender, it shouldn't be illegal. Just because you're not facing the play isn't unsportsmanlike to me.

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czechmate said...

Good on Shanny for trying, but sadly it didn't work out. Another bullshit penalty sinks the Rangers... At least we can hope for similarly partisan officiating on home ice at MSG, I hope. Oh, wait, we don't have a bitch named Crosby on our team....

GO PENS said...

You only wish you had a Crosby on your team. Maybe all the cry babies out there in the world should worry more about how they can't stop Crosby because he is one of the best players and quit whining like little babies about the ref calls. All great players attract penalties, it's party of what being a great player means. You have to play them tough or they'll score which means they're going to draw penalties. And if you think no one else embelishes then I guess you just don't know much about hockey. Which is pretty obvious from your crude comment.


1) We agree that the Avery rule(especially how it was instituted) was ridiculous.
2) Now that the rangers are down 2-0, we wonder what kinds of antics good ole Sean will come up with LOL

Brian said...

Looked like Shanny had one skate in the crease (esp. pic#2). I don't mind it being done, so long as the agitator stays out of the crease.

Otherwise, I hope they get a slapshot right square in the back. :-)

The Seeker said...

I don't agree and think that sort of thing is unsportmanlike. NYR were warned in the NJD series once. Even though Shanahan has his back to Fleury, I think it still should apply and he should have been penalized.

When Ruutu did that at the face-off circle, he was warned to stop by the ref or get a penalty.

That's not even doing it to a goaltender but to a forward at center ice...so why wasn't Shanahan at least warned to stop?