April 19, 2008

"Fatso" Forgot to Shake My Hand

Now, as much as I hate Sean Avery and love Martin Brodeur (even as a Pens fan!), I've to put on my Stephen Colbert hat and "wag the finger" at Marty for skipping past the Ranger agitator in the handshake line.

Hell, even the 1996 Detroit Red Wings shook Claude Lemieux's hand, after he almost seriously injured Kris Draper, which elicited the following classic reaction from Dino Ciccarelli, "“I can’t believe I shook this guy’s frickin’ hand.”

Yes, we all know what a pest Avery is and how he targeted Brodeur throughout the entire series, but purposely not shaking his hand at the end of the series is proof that Avery got inside his head.

Ballhype: hype it up!


Kovy274Hart said...

I wasn't too surprised as Marty's a fraud. His postgame reaction was pathetic hardly even giving any answers.

Avery definitely did the job.

Good luck to your Caps.

Hockey said...

Playing tough and playing dirty are two absolutely different things. So I salute you Martin Brodeur for showing dirty scambag Avery who he really is. Even some Rangers players did not approve Avery's dirty behaviour. Now the Idiot is going to destroy Dallas from within, ha-ha.

Jonathan said...

Just like T.O. destroyed the Cowboys from within? Face it yanks, southerners know how tohandlepeople and pull out all of their potential.