April 10, 2008

Gary Bettman Mixes Up His Ace Bailey's

This afternoon, Commissioner Gary Bettman was New York's WFAN sports talk afternoon show with Mike & the Mad Dog discussing the NHL playoffs. Before the conversation started on the NHL playoffs, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo told Bettman about his interest in the Ace Bailey/Eddie Short vignette that is shown on the NHL Network during commercials.

Below is the link to the interview. The issue in question starts at about the 47-second mark:

WFAN interview

Now, I'm not one to be a huge Bettman-basher (not one of his biggest fans either), but I was shocked that he did not know the difference between Irvin "Ace" Bailey and Garnet "Ace" Bailey, especially when he sounded confident in himself, even after the hosts themselves almost sounded like they doubted it.

In case you might be lost, the NHL vignette features a December, 1933 event where Irvin "Ace" Bailey, then with the Maple Leafs, was hit from behind by Eddie Shore of the Bruins and hit his head on the ice and fractured his skull. His life was in danger, but he did survive, though his hockey career had come to an end.

Garnet "Ace" Bailey played in the early 1970's, won two Stanley Cups with the Bruins and later became a scout with the Oilers and later was Director of Scouting for the Kings. Sadly, Garnet "Ace" Bailey was on Flight 175 that crashed into the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001.

To make matters worse (almost), later in the interview, Bettman said that Sabres forward Maxim Afinogenov was a "defenseman", though he corrected himself a minute later, probably by someone in his office listening to the interview. How someone did not pick up on his "Ace" Bailey mix up, we may never know

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Peter said...

Incredible. You can't make it up. Bettman takes doucheiness to a level previously unseen.

Bob said...

The Afinogenov "correction" is great too, when he says "he's not a defenseman, he's a skater". I'm sure d-men everyone are shocked to find out they are no longer skaters.


1) Well, if Bettman was going to go on any program and show he knows nothing about hockey, he choise the right venue as both Russo and Francessa know/care ZIP about hockey.