April 22, 2008

Know Thine Enemy

Game 1 Friday, April 25 @ Pittsburgh 7pm
Game 2 Sunday, April 27 @ Pittsburgh 2pm
Game 3 Tuesday, April 29 @ New York 7pm
Game 4 Thursday, May 1 @ New York 7pm

*if necessary
Game 5 May 4 @ Pittsburgh 2pm
Game 6 May 5 @ New York 7pm
Game 7 May 7 @ Pittsburgh TBD

This will be the first time Jaromir Jagr will face the Penguins in the post-season. With all the rumors of #68 either retiring or leaving to play in Russia next season, how fitting would it be for his last game/series to be played against the Pens?

OK, getting a bit ahead of myself there.

Now I have to wait three days until Game 1? Oh, hamburgers.

Ballhype: hype it up!


justin said...

Interesting that the two teams that went to game sevens [Flyers, Canadiens] are playing on Thursday, and the Penguins and Rangers who have had extended breaks, don't hit the ice again til Friday.

I don't care what anyone says about momentum, if the 9 day layoff means Gary Roberts is ready to play it's completely worth it.

Sean said...

That's the NHL wanting Crosby v. New York for their premier NBC match-up on Sunday.

Keep in mind too arena availability for some teams that have multi-use facilities.

Loser Chris said...

Winner of this series takes the Cup. Carve it in stone.

Kovy274Hart said...

I noticed there's a key back-to-back for Games 4 and 5 in different cities. That could be crucial to who prevails.

Good luck.