April 3, 2008

Mike Lange Tournament of Quotes 1st Round Winners


Below are the bracket-by-bracket winners with percentage of votes, grouped together with their second round match-up. Voting for the second round will begin tonight at midnight and run through next Thursday morning.

Look for an updated bracket graphic later today thanks to the boys at The Pens Blog.

(1) Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has just left the building! 96.92%
(8) Book 'em, Dano! 67.25%

(5) He's handing out checks like it's the first of the month! 62.08%
(4) Get in the fast lane Grandma, the bingo game's ready to roll! 93.9%

(11) The turkey is on the table. 60.43%
(3) He beat him like a rented mule! 89.63%

(2) Look out Loretta! 85.39%
(7) He hit him so hard his kids will be born dizzy! 58.45%

(1) Call Arnold Slick from Turtle Creek! 94.69%
(8) He put it in the top shelf where grandma keeps the cookies 59.59%

(5) Let's go hunt moose on a Harley! 75.56%
(4) He hasn't scored since the eighth-grade picnic. 76.96%

(11) They threw everything at him but the kitchen sink! 52.25%
(3) Scratch my back with a hacksaw! 98.21%

(2) He doesn't know whether to cry or wind his watch 80.18%
(10) Oh, slap me silly, Sidney! 68.47%

(1) Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too! 84.35%
(9) Never sit on a bald man's hat. 50.38%

(5) Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley, bring me the brandy! 91.64%
(4) Heeeeeeeeeee shoots and scores! 93.75%

(11) If you missed this, shame on you for six weeks. 59.17%
(3) Oh no, Eddie Spaghetti! 72.45%

(2) Michael, Michael, Motorcycle. 91.76%
(10) He picked his pocket like he was walking down 5th Avenue. 50.38%

(1) Well, shave my face with a rusty razor! 68%
(9) He's smilin' like a butcher's dog 87.01%

(12) Get that dog off my lawn! 75.72%
(13) He takes the heat out of a hot kitchen 65.86%

(3) It's a...HOCKEY NIGHT in Pittsburgh! 91.95%
(6) He gave 'em more moves than Mae West. 50.53%

(2) She wants to sell my monkey! 89.86%
(7) He smoked him like a bad cigar! 59.64%

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