April 8, 2008

My NHL Playoff Predictions

We're less than 24 hours away from the start of the NHL playoffs. Thank God! These last two days have been worse than the day after the Major League Baseball All Star Game. Nothing going on. Minor news (draft lottery). Just the large amount of anticipation for things to get going again.

What to expect? Lots of facial hair. Cut up faces. Battles for the puck that are 100 times more intense than during the regular season. Goals that cause smiles to go from ear to ear. Louder arenas. A full out best-of-7 games battle, ending in a respectful handshake.

What do I think will happen?

1-Montreal over 8-Boston in four games
2-Pittsburgh over 7-Ottawa in five games
3-Washington over 6-Philadelphia in five games
4-New Jersey over 5-NY Rangers in seven games

1-Montreal over 4-New Jersey in five games
2-Pittsburgh over 3-Washington in six games

2-Pittsburgh over 1-Montreal in six games

1-Detroit over 8-Nashville in five games
2-San Jose over 7-Calgary in six games
6-Colorado over 3-Minnesota in seven games
4-Anaheim over 5-Dallas in five games

1-Detroit over 6-Colorado in five games
2-San Jose over 4-Anaheim in seven games

2-San Jose over 1-Detroit in six games

San Jose over Pittsburgh in six games

Conn Smythe: Joe Thornton

Ballhype: hype it up!


Chab said...

how do you say wayyyyy OFF in your language???

Sean said...

still got half the final four intact....

and that's why I don't get paid to make predictions