April 17, 2008

Ron Hextall's Naked Interview

Sometimes reporters don't get enough credit for what they do. Getting a good quote from an athlete after a game must be tough, especially after a loss. Can you imagine walking up to Derek Boogaard after a loss and wanting to ask him what went wrong? I'd pee my pants.

When we see these locker room interviews, sometimes we don't realize that, you know, it's a locker room, some guys might be naked here. That's why you have to give the late Tom Mees praise for conducting the following interview with former Flyers goalie Ron Hextall. First, it's a tough interview because Philadelphia just lost a Game 7 for the Stanley Cup to the Oilers. Hextall did win the Conn Smythe as the playoffs Most Valuable Player, but that was no solace over being a win away from hoisting the Stanley Cup. Second, "Sexy Hexy" is butt naked sitting next to Mees and apparently tried to rush and throw a towel on in time for the cue, but didn't quite make it.

I like the part as the camera man is zooming out at the beginning of the interview, then realizes, "Holy shit, those are pubes! Zoom back in! Zoom back in!" There's also something hilarious about the phallic-shaped, old school microphone Mees uses while sitting next to a naked Hextall.

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Brian said...

Ha ha - funny stuff! Tom didn't look uncomfortable, either. That would have been a tough interview for most!