April 28, 2008

Wacky European Goalie Goal

I don't know what the hell is going on here, but this is video from a Polish League game where the white team's goaltender joins the rush and scores on a 2-on-1.

From what I can deduct, the dark team is on a power-play and empties their net. Then, a delayed penalty is called on them, so the white team's goalie notices and rushes up up to join the play and scores.

International hockey law forbids goaltenders from crossing the center-ice redline, so unfortunately, the goal did not stand. Somehow, the dark team was awarded a penalty shot from all that.

Like I said, I really have no clue what happened there. If anyone follows international hockey and is familiar with the above events, please fill me in and let me understand.

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JP said...

Somehow knowing that this is from the same country that gave us both the Koharski and Devorski bloodlines clears up a lot of things on both sides of the pond.

Brian said...

Koharski would have been too busy eating a doughnut to notice this rules violation.

ed said...

Looks like the dark team is gonna be called for a penalty. This is all while they have pulled the goalie to try and tie the game in the last minute of play. So the goalie leaves his net for an extra attacker but he decides to join the rush to make it a 2 on 1. Nice goal, it should count ahha