May 26, 2008

Lessons in Bandwagoning

Seems as if the Pens Game One loss on Saturday night cleared some of the bandwagoner's that typically hop along for the ride between the two teams in the finals. This classic, from The Current One via Let's Go message boards:

"Yes, the more I think about it, this series is over. Like someone else pointed out, if the Pens had had their share of chances, and weren't able to beat Osgood, that's one thing. Nineteen shots on goal, however (with 12 of them coming in the 3rd period), tells me two things: first, the Wings are too good defensively, and two: the Pens simply threw in the the towel. When a team with this "talent", can't generate any offensive pressure, it's lights out.

Here's another reason: how about the Pens getting completely outhit, and by what some would consider a soft, European team. Again, another sign that the Pens gave up, and if they've given up, so should we. How does a guy like Datsyuk throw out more hits than anyone on the Pens?

One and done."

Of course, this poster was roasted through two pages and has yet to respond. I'm just wondering if this person realizes that, you know, teams do make adjustments after games, specifically losses. It's also refreshing to see someone "follow" their team all season long, through the playoffs, and then give up after one game in the Finals. One must be reminded that teams like the 2000 New Jersey Devils (7-3) and 2004 Tampa Bay Lighting (4-1) both had bad losses in Game One and still rebounded to win the Stanley Cup.

Off the bandwagon with ye!

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Hip said...

I'm not sure whether I should laugh at that joke or cry for his ignorance?