May 14, 2008

Making Your Plans Around the Stanley Cup Finals

Initially, lists Game 3 of the Finals to be on Saturday, May 31st, with Games 1 and 2 on Versus probably set for Monday, May 26 and 28. Of course, that looks to be out the window now that both series are on the verge of sweeps. No way would the league want a twelve-day window in-between the Conference Finals and Stanley Cup.

Reported on Pittsburgh radio station, 102.5 WDVE, here's the possible schedule scenarios:

Red Wing & Penguins sweep 4-0
Game One: Tuesday, 5/20 @Detroit
Game Two: Thursday, 5/22 @Detroit
Game Three: Saturday, 5/24 @Pittsburgh
Game Four: Monday, 5/26 @Pittsburgh

If one or both series lasts five games
Game One: Thursday, 5/22 @Detroit
Game Two: Saturday, 5/24 @Detroit
Game Three: Monday, 5/26 @Pittsburgh
Game Four: Wednesday, 5/28 @Pittsburgh

If one or both series goes to six games
Game One: Saturday, 5/24 @Detroit
Game Two: Monday, 5/26 @Detroit
Game Three: Wednesday, 5/28 @Pittsburgh
Game Four: Friday, 5/30 @Pittsburgh

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angeletta said...

What is Dallas wins? Then what happens?

Sean said...

Game 7 would this Wednesday...if they do win, I could see the SCF starting either Saturday the 24th or Monday the 26th.