May 6, 2008

My NHL Draft Declaration

"Thank you everyone for coming here today. It's a huge day in my life and one that I am thankful I can share with you. Today, I am making myself eligible for the 2008 NHL Draft in Ottawa this coming June. I'll be represented by Bobby Orr and the ORR Hockey Group. I look forward to the challenge that is performing at the highest level of hockey in the world and I am prepared to for it. I will now open the floor for questions."

"Sean, Ken Campbell from The Hockey News. What kind of stunt are you pulling declaring for the Draft at age 27? You think you can put one over on us, the media?"

Ken, thanks for coming here and taking time out of your busy schedule of carmudgeoness. This is no stunt. This is for real. I don't think age has anything to do with it. Remember Connie Madigan? The St. Louis Blues player in the early 70's? He was a 38 year old rookie. Sergei Makarov was 31 when he entered the league with Calgary and won the Calder Trophy. I believe I possess the skills to succeed at the NHL level

Hey, yo, Sean, Larry Brooks, New York Post. Are you sure this isn't some sort of Gary Bettman-esque plan to keep hockey in the headlines as we have this break before the Conference Finals?

Brooksie, I see you're done hiding from John Tortorella. This is not a Gary Bettman plan. I haven't spoken to Mr. Bettman since he asked me which Ace Bailey was which a few week ago. I don't think the NHL needs any extra hype before the Conference Finals. There's four worthy teams ready for battle come Thursday night. With guys like Sidney Crosby, Danny Briere, Henrik Zetterberg, and Brendan Morrow, the league shouldn't have a problem with marketing.

Yeah, uh, Sean, Stan Fischler, you know, "The Maven". Of course you know who I am. Um, I haven't seen your name on the International Scouting Service's list of top prospects. Why is that and what can you bring to a team?

Stan, my man. Your generic "New York" jersey must be in the wash right now. I'm not on any scouting list at the moment because no scouts have seen me play. I play in a tough location to get to, Bethpage, New York. Sure, it's no Siberia or some isolated city in northern Canada, but hey, it's probably why no scouts came to any of my games.

What I can bring to any hockey club is heart, determination, and great hockey sense. I know where the puck is at all times and I can make plays when needed. I'm coachable and believe that any team would appreciate my effort every night.

Hi Sean, Jim Matheson, Edmonton Journal. Do you have a preference to where you go in the Draft?

Jim, I really don't. I'm just excited to play hockey and where I go, I go. I grew up a Penguins fan, living in New York, so yeah, it'd be fun to play with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, and possibly move into the Lemieux basement, but whatever team wants to take a chance on me, they won't be disappointed.

Seannnnn, Johnny Buccigross, ESPN. Chris Martin is to Coldplay, as Sean Leahy is to....

*laughs* John, I'd have to go with Stone Temple Pilots. They're my favorite band of all time. I don't quite compare myself to Weiland. We're probably around the same height and he might be 20 lbs. lighter than me, what with all the drug stuff. I do a mean rendition of "Plush" in the shower. I guess the acoustics in there help.

Hi there Sean, Mike Emerick of NBC, Versus, Fox Sports, MSG, Univsion, Telefutura, and BBC India. Ah, you grew up on Long Island, with those picturesque summers and sometimes mild winters. As the flakes fell from the grey New York sky, you developed your game playing driveway hockey with your brothers. You passed the time of your childhood playing hockey. The sound of Mylec sticks and orange balls was deafening on Peters Lane all those many years. Honing your skills you'd play until supper, then eat, and play again, all that time...

Beautiful scene painting there, but what's your question Mike?

...Oh, right, question. How'd a kid born and raised on Long Island grow up rooting for the Penguins?

Well, I don't really know the exact time that I began following them. I have one brother who's an Islander fan and another who was a Ranger fan when I was growing up. I believe I saw the logo one day and fell in love. Many years later, I'm still a fan. I still remember listening to a game when Steve Guenette got shelled and Mario Lemieux scored a goal. So, yeah, I've been a Pens fan through the bad times, the good times, and still now, as the upswing is in full gear.

Thanks everyone for coming. I'll see you at the combine.


courtesy Hockey's Future

* Name: Sean Leahy
* Position: LW
* Shoots: Right
* Height: 5-10
* Weight: 170 lbs
* Birthdate: 1981-4-21
* Eligible for Draft: 2008
* Hometown: Long Island, NY
* Playing In: B-East Division, inline
* Statistics: 86 games, 27 goals, 23 assists

Biggest flaw: backwards skating
Biggest strength: hockey sense / playmaking
Slap or wrist shot (better): wrist

Stay tuned as I am seen by scouts and prepare for the NHL prospect combine

Ballhype: hype it up!


ScottyWazz said...

Fantastic work...though all the older players you mentioned got picked up through free agency since the draft age is until someone is 21, then they become a free agent and can't get drafted.

Yes, I'm being the buzz kill guy.

Sean said...

Scotty, I'm bending the rules. I have a note from my school nurse.

I also expect to be on your next mock draft!

Brian said...

Sean - you could have added a part describing some of your past accolades, such as playing in the rugged SHL and suiting up for the New York Jazz, which always seemed to be facing the Long Island Flames in the championship every year.

Also, how you'd try to fire up your team with a well placed fight (when your team was down by a ton)...sure you never won those fights, and you sometimes ended up hanging upside down by your opponent, but your antics usually got the game called and declared a forfeit rather than by a lopsided score.

Not only that, but you have a rising slap shot. Ouch. Ha ha.