May 14, 2008

NHL Network US 2008 Memorial Cup Schedule

For those of you in the US, the NHL Network will be picking up the 2008 Memorial Cup, the biggest honor in junior hockey, beginning this Friday, May 16th.

Now that all the entrants have been decided, here's a look at the schedule:

May 16 7pm Gatineau (QMJHL) v. Kitchener (OHL/host)
May 17 4pm Belleville (OHL runner up) v. Spokane (WHL)
May 18 4:30pm Kitchener v. Spokane
May 19 7pm Belleville v. Gatineau
May 20 7pm Spokane v. Gatineau
May 21 7pm Kitchener v. Belleville

May 23 7pm Semifinal
May 25 4:30pm Final

This will be a nice alternative to flip to in between series or on days off during the Stanley Cup Finals.

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J said...

So they broadcast this tourney but not the WORLD tourney going on right now???? Ughhhhhh

Sean said...

IIHF/USA Hockey has an exclusive deal with an online provider, I believe.

I have to think that with the amount of demand that wants to see the World Championships, that they'll be on the NHL Network US next spring for sure.