May 28, 2008

On the Air Tonight...

Just a brief note that in between periods tonight, I'll be doing a couple of interviews.

During the first period intermission, I'll be on with Scotty Wazz and company on the Faceoff Hockey Show and during the second intermission I'll be joining Michael Dell and Jerry Fairish on the LCS Hockey radio show.

I'll basically be giving them an idea of what the atmosphere is like inside Mellon Arena and throughout Pittsburgh. I'm just hoping I get into town with a enough time to check out the city before puck drop.

This is all tentative of course pending good reception inside Mellon Arena.

Ballhype: hype it up!


Stevens8204 said...

You should be able to get pretty decent reception but expect the occasional fluctuations in reception.

Good luck!

JonnyP said...

Thanks for coming on the show last night ... the arena looked like it had tremendous atmosphere. I hope work is treating you right today, lol.