May 11, 2008

Pens-Flyers Game Two Thoughts

Return of the Max

As expected, it was a much tougher win tonight. The Penguins even had some breaks go against them. It was also the first time they had blown a lead twice in the playoffs. In the end, their depth factored the most.

When you get all out, grinding hockey from your third and fourth lines, you're going to be a successful team. Pittsburgh has gotten that from their lineup all season long. The guys do not quit on the puck and keep their feet moving and eyes focused on the puck at all times. It also proved that Gary Roberts does indeed have eyes in the back of his head.

Other musing on a huge Game Two win for the Penguins:

-How come the Flyers waited until tonight to play a physical brand of hockey and not Game One? You could see the Penguins were a little off at times, but they matched Philly's toughness right back. The Flyers will have to bring the offense since the aggressive style of play is having no effect.

-In 25 games since returning from his high-ankle sprain, Marc-Andre Fleury has allowed two goals or less in 21 of them.

-Somebody's got to put a body on Max Talbot.

-I think Sidney Crosby's "second" goal should have counted, but I understand why it was not allowed. As good as that one inside the net camera was on the review, Marty Biron's glove partially covering the puck hindered the goal decision. Maybe it's time for camera on the inside of the lower post looking across the goal line?

-What a wrister by Mike Richards.

-So much for Marian Hossa being a playoff time ghost, eh?

-Wachovia Center is going to be a ridiculously loud place come Tuesday night. Will there be a Kate Smith sighting before the puck drops?

-Has anyone seen Daniel Briere?

-Pascal Dupuis needs to work on his shooting accuracy. He's had a few clear chances already this series and none have come close to being a quality shot.

-Derian Hatcher having 28+ minutes of ice time tonight due to the injuries...that can't be a good thing having him out there that long.

-You gotta put a body on Max Talbot.

-RJ Umberger usually torches the Penguins. So far, the much improved Penguins defense has kept him in check.

-I don't quite get the diving call on Jarkko Ruutu. How do you embellish a blatant cross check to the face? I can understand if he got called for goaltender interference, but embellishing that call?

-The Flyers equipment manager better shave the blade off of Biron's stick so to not encourage him to handle the puck. Yikes. I can totally see him costing Philadelphia another goal this series.

-Tyler Kennedy is working too hard this postseason to not have scored yet.

-Someone put a body on Max Talbot!

Tuesday night is the Flyers season. With the way Pittsburgh is playing, they cannot afford to go down 3-0, even with Game Four at home. Much like what the Penguins did in Game 3 against the Rangers, an early goal to silence the crowd would be nice. Philadelphia will be flying on all cylinders in the first period. If Marc-Andre Fleury can weather the coming storm, it'll put the Pens in good shape for the rest of Game Three.

Let's Go Pens!

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