May 29, 2008

Pens-Red Wings Game Three Thoughts (In Pictures)

Pre-game preparation

The view from my "suite"

Where the magic happens...and by magic, I mean this blog here

Downtown is ready with the Pens signs

It really looks like one big boob

Right outside Mellon Arena

The lawn area with the outdoor screen

TSN's tent and currently being interviewed, Kevin Stevens and Craig Patrick (I swear)

Inside those doors, the real magic happens

Gino and I

TSN's Bob McKenzie making his way into PenStation, the Penguins team store

Marc-Andre and his "ride" arriving

Fans cheering in the players as they arrive

Islander color man Billy Jaffe and Rangers play-by-play man Sam Rosen being interviewed on TSN

More fandamoneum

Hockey Hall of Fame exhibit

Calder and Art Ross Trophy's

Conn Smythe and Prince of Wales Trophy's

The Hart Trophy

Cotton Candy man. This is the most determined man I've ever come across. He takes no prisoner's in letting you know that he has cotton candy "heeeeeeeea"

The title banners

You may not be able to read it, but I sent a text to the Jumbotron, "I drove 6 hours for this. Let's go Pens -sean"

Ceremonial puck drop with Sidney Crosby, Nick Lidstrom and Scotty Bowman

The opening face-off

A beautiful sight

Ballhype: hype it up!


PghWriter1979 said...

Hey, looks like we were on opposite ends of the arena there. It also looks like you had an enjoyable time in our fair city. Feel free to come back for games 4 and 6, eh?

And how about the Pens taking back the neutral zone tonight? While they're hustle did help them win, it was the play in the neutral zone (i.e. taking it away from Detroit and minimizing their play-making speed) that really got the job done.

Stevens8204 said...

Simply amazing pics....and the videos above were awesome to see. Congrats on the win...and it looks like there will be hockey in June.

Hip said...

I mean seriously, could you have picked a better night to come?

Mellon was jacked and the Pens looked beyond hungry. If you're not a hockey fan after watching the back and forth action for 5+ uninterrupted minutes in the third you're a complete toolbox.

You have to love Hall getting the GWG. Malkin seemed a bit more motivated. Kennedy and Talbot were on fire. Orpik was effing possessed. And simply not enough can be said about Crosby.

Great to see the Pens back in this. Saturday means everything now.