May 11, 2008

The Ribeiro Chop

Last night, at the end of Detroit's 2-1 victory over Dallas, an ugly incident marred a pretty good hockey game. As you'll see, Mike Ribeiro is skating to the back of the Red Wings net and takes an apparent butt-end from Chris Osgood. Ribeiro takes exception and leans over the net and chops Osgood in the chest/upper body with his stick.

It's hard to see where Ribeiro takes the butt-end from Osgood, but it was enough to set the Stars forward off. It'll be interesting to see how Colin Campbell reacts in his punishment of Ribeiro. We've see four games for Adam Graves' slash on Mario Lemieux back in 1992, twenty-five for Chris Simon's swing on Ryan Hollweg last season, and five games for Jamie McClennan's chop on Johan Franzen in last year's playoffs.

Ribeiro hasn't been suspended from my memory (I could be wrong...why am I thinking he was for diving or something?), and in lieu of the recent stick swinging incidents I would not be surprised if he's gone for the rest of the playoffs.

It's one thing for Osgood to butt-end Ribeiro and calling it cheap. It's another to swing your stick at his chest. At least throw a punch or something.

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