May 19, 2008

Stanley Cup Schedule Finalized


This schedule is similar to one that was rumored last week. Only difference is Game Four, which was originally thought to be on Friday, the 30th, but makes much more sense television-wise on the 31st, in which NBC can draw a stronger rating.

Game One: Saturday, May 24 @ Detroit 8pm
Game Two: Monday, May 26 @ Detroit 8pm
Game Three: Wednesday, May 29 @ Pittsburgh 8pm
Game Four: Saturday, May 31 @ Pittsburgh 8pm
*Game Five: Monday, June 2 @ Detroit 8pm
*Game Six: Wednesday, June 4 @ Pittsburgh 8pm
*Game Seven: Saturday, June 7 @ Detroit 8pm

Games One and Two will be on VERSUS. NBC will carrying games Three through Seven.

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