June 26, 2008

2009 World Junior Hockey Championships Schedule

Thanks to Sportsnet.ca for having the schedule up six months ahead of time.

Group A: Canada, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan
Group B: Finland, Russia, Latvia, Sweden, Slovakia

Friday, Dec. 26
Latvia v. Russia
Germany v. USA
Finland v. Sweden
Canada v. Czech Republic

Saturday, Dec. 27
Slovakia v. Latvia
Kazakhstan v. Germany

Sunday, Dec 28
Russia v. Finland
Kazakhstan v. Canada
Sweden v. Slovakia
USA v. Czech Republic

Monday, Dec 29
Latvia v. Sweden
Germany v. Sweden

Tuesday, Dec 30
Russia v. Slovakia
Czech Republic v. Germany
Finland v. Latvia
USA v. Kazakhstan

Wednesday, Dec 31
Sweden v. Russia
Czech Republic v. Kazakhstan
Slovkia v. Finland

Friday, Jan 2
1st Quarterfinal: Group B 2nd Place v. Group A 3rd Place
2nd Quarterfinal: Group A 2nd Place v. Group B 3rd Place
Relegation: Group A 4th Place v. Group B 5th Place

Saturday, Jan 3
Semifinal: Group A 1st Place v. Winner-1st Quarterfinal
Semifinal: Group B 1st Place v. Winner-2nd Quarterfinal
Relegation: Group B 4th Place v. Group A 5th Place

Sunday, Jan 4
Relegation: Group A 4th Place v. Group B 4th Place
Relegation: Group A 5th Place v. Group B 5th Place
5th Place: 1st Quarterfinal loser v. 2nd Quarterfinal loser

Monday, Jan 5
Bronze Medal Game
Gold Medal Game
Ballhype: hype it up!

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