June 26, 2008

UPDATED: Marty Straka Not Leaving for Czech Republic Just Yet

Another NHL player is leaving for Europe. No, the upstart Russian Kontinental Hockey League has not claimed another NHL'er, this time, it's the Czech league luring a player to come home.

New York Rangers forward Marty Straka is returning to the Czech Republic to play for Pilsen according to Thomas King from Denik Sport. The translated version can be found here.

The Penguins first-round pick in 1992 (19th overall) bounced around the league from Ottawa to New York to Florida before settling back in with the Penguins in 1997. During the 1998-99 campaign, Straka had a career year in goals with 35. It sure helped playing alongside Jaromir Jagr. After a few more seasons in the Steel City, including a career high point total of 95 in 2000-01, he spent 35 games in Los Angeles and then signed with the Rangers after the work stoppage. In his three years in New York, Straka saw his point totals and games played decreased. The 36-year old had a good NHL career and it must be nice for him to be able to go home again.

Best of luck to Marty.

UPDATE: Or not. TSN is reporting that Straka's agent, Ritch Winter, is denying any deal has been made.

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