June 22, 2008

Monday Required Reading

I'm pretty wiped from a long weekend from a bachelor party that featured white water rafting, paintball, and of course, other activities. So, while I recover, surf on over to the following sites for some good stuff.

Shane Igoe gives us The Love Guru's advice to real life celebrity couples.

Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy, Greg Wyshynski, caught up with number one overall pick Steven Stamkos during Day 2 of the NHL Draft and the newest member of the Tampa Bay Lightning would love to see himself in the next Saw movie.

Kevin Schultz over at Barry Melrose Rocks gives us all another "Handy Guide for Beginners". This one deals with the NHL Draft.

Taking One for the Team breaks down the Atlantic Division free agency situation.

Jesse Marshall over at Faceoff Factor lets us know about the Penguins fourth round pick, Nathan Moon.

Should the NHL worry about the Russian KHL? Eric McErlain from AOL Fanhouse says the NHL might want to keep an eye out.

The guys from The 2 Man Advantage had their television debut last week.

Lyle Richardson from FOX Sports discusses some names who could be on the move very soon.

The Globe and Mail has a cool article about scouting.

Hockey Reference (godsend) has the 2008 NHL Draft page up and running.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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