June 7, 2008

NHL 09 Trailer

NHL 09 will be released on September 9th and judging by the trailer, could Calgary's Dion Phaneuf be this year's cover boy?

Some info from the first look over at GameSpot:

"First off, the biggest feature in NHL 09 seems to be the brand-new Be a Pro mode. Inspired by the feature of the same name from last year's FIFA 08, this mode will let you strap on the stakes as an up-and-coming hockey player. After creating your player from scratch, you'll sign up with an AHL team (EA naturally has the full AHL license) and begin to find your way through your career as a hot minor-league prospect."


Another big feature in last year's game was the three-on-three online play. In NHL 09, that's been moved up to full six-on-six play online. It certainly sounds like a hockey fan's online dream come true, though we suspect it's going to take a certain type of person who wants to sit in net for an entire game. Then again, goalies are a different breed in real life, too..."

I'm hoping they decide to bring back the fantasy draft and maybe some retro uniform choices.

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murph said...

Phaneuf is oPHicial.