June 15, 2008

NHL Draft Week- 1990, 92, 93 First Overall Picks

1990- Owen Nolan, Quebec Nordiques

1992- Roman Hamrlik, Tampa Bay Lighting

1993- Alexandre Daigle, Ottawa Senators

Ballhype: hype it up!


Stevens8204 said...

Could Daigle be considered the biggest bust as far as #1 overall draft picks??

Sean said...

Patrik Stefan and Brian Lawton may challenge that title.

Though, if you're talking about hype alone, then I think it's Daigle hands down.

Johan C said...

What happend to 1991? I was really looking forward to see Lindros.

Going Five Hole said...

I posted 1991 separately because it's just too damn funny

Johan C said...

I say it now. And yeah, it's a bit weird.