July 22, 2008

REMINDER: Calling All Graphic Artists


Since it's the summer and there's lots of downtime, I figured it'd be fun to run a contest.

I've been meaning to have my own logo for Going Five Hole, to go along with the banners atop the page. This is where you come in. You being anyone who's artistically gifted and not me who's awesome at drawing stick figures.

This is the opening of a contest where you can submit your own Going Five Hole logo to be placed on this here blog forever. Once I get enough entries, I'll create a poll where readers can vote on what they're favorite logo is and what they'd like to see every day when they come back here.

The winner shall receive:

-Free blog post on any hockey subject he/she wish
-Permanent link on the blog roll as well as a suave link to their portfolio (if available)
-It's Our Game DVD about Canada's 2004 World Cup of Hockey championship run

All entrants will receive a link on the blog roll.

So, if you're down and would like to enter, send your entries to sleahy21 --@---gmail [DOT].com

Ballhype: hype it up!


wrap around curl said...

Did you have a minimum size you were looking for?

Tony Little said...

how many are you looking for?

Going Five Hole said...

just one banner one and maybe a smaller one to put on the side of the blog