July 1, 2008

Evening Signings

Free Agent Frenzy Day 1 has just about come to an end and this evening saw a few more big names taken off the list of available players.

Mark Streit to the Islanders: 5-years, $20.5 million

Michael Ryder to Boston: 3-years, $12 million

Wade Redden to the NY Rangers: 6-years, $39 million

Bobby Holik to New Jersey: 1-year, $2.5 million

Niklas Hagman to Toronto: 4-years, $12 million

We're seeing a pattern here of teams overpaying for second-tier players. It's quite astounding.

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nick said...

After what Campbell got, I'd say 4mil/yr for Streit isnt overpaying.

Going Five Hole said...

i'm not tossing everyone into the "overpaid" category, but most of what we saw yesterday was...ie Jeff Finger.

I like the Streit move for the Isles...they needed a good puck moving d-man and got him at a good price.