July 27, 2008

Matthew Barnaby: ESPN's Replacement for Barry Melrose?

If you didn't catch Matthew Barnaby's interview on the LCS Hockey Radio show this past Wednesday, you should go check it out. Not only does Barnaby talk about his playing days and his long feud with Lyle Odelein he also drops a little nugget of information about his possible future endeavors.

Barnaby, who makes the occasional appearance on TSN, noted he was going to meet with ESPN executives about the open position as lead NHL analyst with the WorldWide Leader. I did a poll over at Puck Daddy about who should replace Barry Melrose as the puck-talking head over at ESPN. While Barnaby wasn't included as one of the choices, he is an interesting option. He's definitely an out-spoken character with plenty of NHL experience, but I just don't see ESPN selecting him. It does baffle me why the need for a big NHL analyst on a network that barely covers the sport anyway.

UPDATE: Buffalo News is reporting Barnaby will be Melrose's replacement at ESPN

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Hip said...

I'm not going to lie. I like Barnaby. Always did. I like how he played the game, even if I questioned his mental status at times. I'd like him on ESPN... the coverage has only gone up in terms of actually highlighting goodness when it happens. With Crosby, Ovie, etc. it's really only a matter of time before hockey in some capacity is back on ESPN (or Versus becomes a bigger deal than it is right now). I'd be interested in giving Barnaby a shot. I think he might bring a bit of K. Johnson to the mix, who is by far my favorite Sunday morning commentator. Tells it like it is.

Derek from Cloud9 Sports said...

I'll admit Barnaby might be a slight step up from Melrose, but they could still do better on ESPN.

The Canadian media should vote it's top guy down there and compensate him handsomely to promote the game.

Eric K said...

Totally agree with your closing statement...
ESPN knows hockey like Barry Melrose knows modern hairstyles.

Koz said...

I have rarely ever vehemently hated a player for a team I root for, but I always, always, always hated Matthew Barnaby, even when he was a Penguin. I could care less about this move because ESPN is the last place I go for hockey information anyway.