July 9, 2008

NHL 09's First Retro Jersey Unveiled

What you see above is a screen grab from the newest trailer from NHL 09, which showcases it's defensive skill stick. As mentioned in an earlier post, EA is including some old-time jersey's in this year's edition and the Minnesota North Stars is one of them. EA Sports producer David Littman also mentioned in his first blog post another retro jersey among the lot would be the California Golden Seals.

My question is how that's going to work. Obviously, if you choose the Dallas Stars as your team, you'll have the opportunity to use the North Stars jersey, but what about the Golden Seals? Will they be placed under the Dallas Stars banner since the Seals merged with Minnesota in the late 1970's? Or will the Seals be an unlockable team with players featuring generic numbers? A boy can dream.

I'm going to go out on a limb (okay, hope) and say that jersey's like the Quebec Nordiques, Winnipeg Jets, Hartford Whalers, and maybe even the Kansas City Scouts and Atlanta Flames make the cut and find themselves in the game. I think that'd be pretty cool and a nice touch for the hardcore hockey fan.

In the IGN hands-on preview, different helmet variations were mentioned and ended with, "Of course if you don't want to play with a helmet, you can always pick the Canadians Legends team. Those boys know how to hit." Is that some sort of joke or a serious addition to NHL 09? Again, that'd be cool.

September 9th can't get here soon enough.

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ScottyWazz said...

Just as a little note, the Hartford Whalers can't be used since the NHL doesn't own the rights to the name or logo. The city of Hartford actually owns those.

The New England Whalers however, that's a different story.

Going Five Hole said...

the "man" is always holding back the Whale

Anthony Woods said...

In a preview somewhere(I think IGN), there was mention that there was going to be a Legends Canadiens team to honor the 100th anniversary of the Montreal Canadiens. I wish they would do more retro teams. Sega 2K tried it and it was like playing with third graders. Being able to afford all the names and jerseys would be great though. I want teams with Daryl Sittler and Wendel Clark.....sweet!

Loser Chris said...

This game doesn't look like much more that a cosmetic upgrade over '08 to me. I'm not about to hand EA $60 just for old school jerseys.

The stick lift thing on defense feels like one of those gimmicks that seems cool, but then the first time you do it you get called for high sticking and then you never do it again.

After downloading the most recent roster update I'm totally fine playing '08 for another year. Hopefully they'll make some significant changes to NHL (20)10.

Hooks Orpik said...

I've heard rumors about the NHL introducing regular 3rd jerseys for next season...Since NHL 08 got the inside edge with the new RBK jerseys/logos, I wonder if the NHL will give them the scoop on that too.

Either way, I'm sure they'll have to have the Pens blue jerseys. That'll be sweet.

loser chris- It sounds like they're going to have a new "superstar" mode like NCAA football does. That is a pretty good feature with some substance at least.

Doogie2K said...

The 2K series has had unlockable retro jerseys for years. Is EA really only catching up now?